Privacy Policy

At Almira, we take the privacy and security of our users' personal information seriously. We are committed to protecting your personal information by adhering to industry best practices and standards.

We collect your personal information for the purposes of providing you with a secure and reliable wallet service, and we only use your information for these purposes. We do not sell, rent, or share your personal information with third parties for marketing or advertising purposes.

We use standard security protocols such as SSL encryption to protect your personal information, and we regularly review and update our security measures to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

However, we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information, and we are not liable for any damages or losses resulting from unauthorized access to your account or data. It is your responsibility to protect your wallet and personal information by using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and other security measures.

By using Almira Wallet, you agree to our Privacy Policy and acknowledge that we may update our policy from time to time. If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy policy, please contact our support team.